Your Dedicated Team

We get it — dealing with a big company or agency can be overwhelming and impersonal.

As a team of two, we are able to acheive the quality and kind of content that you would want, without the hassle of working with a large corperate team.

We work to provide a personalized experience for you, and streamline your evergreen content to fit your unique voice and vision perfectly.

Experienced professionals

Where we’re coming from

In 2013, Kailyn began her professional career as a wedding and commercial photographer by launching her own business.

In 2016, Eric began partnering with local companies and non-profits to create promotional videos for their marketing efforts.

In 2018, Kailyn and Eric joined forces to launch Julianna & Benjamin (referencing their middle names), a one-stop-shop photo and video production company.

In 2019, they married.

Since launching their joint business, Kailyn and Eric have worked with a diverse amount of entrepreneurs, non-profits, churches and commercial businesses from all across the United States to supply multimedia content to them all, driving their increased success.

Now, through Evergreen Media, Kailyn and Eric are able to better serve their clients and help them achieve maximum impact.

Making Evergreen Content

In today’s interconnected world, media has never been more essential for maximizing impact and reach. By creating evergreen media content, we help you to establish a valuable connection that continues to attract and inform your audience, providing long-term value and sustainability to your outreach efforts.

Maximizing Your Impact

We combine creativity, expertise, and a deep understanding of our clients to deliver exceptional evergreen media content. Whether it’s crafting visually stunning videos, creating a gallery of beautiful images for diverse uses, or creating to accommodate social media campaigns, we collaborate closely with our clients to identify their unique presence and deliver their message for maximum effect.

pillar values

Our Approach


We’re committed to working with you in a dedicated way to unlock your potential. Our goal is to see your business thriving in new ways, and our strategy is tailor-made for your audience.


We work to make your content as professional and creative as possible. Through our production techniques, we create artistic work that helps you to stand out from the crowd.


Stories bring people together like nothing else. Our work features storytelling and testimonials powerfully as it connects you with others and moves people to real-world action.

the team

Who We Are

Eric B. Hamilton

film director + coordinator

I’m your main point of contact here at Evergreen Media. I studied multimedia production and mass communications in university and graduated with my degree, while at the same time running my business and working in the industry. My focus is efficiency, excellence, and consistency, all the while having fun and making people feel comfortable.

Kailyn J. Hamilton

photographer + specialist

I’ve been working as a photographer for over 10 years. Starting as an apprentice under a world-renowned photographer, I traveled the world, taking photos of everything I encountered. Since then, I’ve documented countless weddings, worked with many companies, and delivered endless photos that I handcrafted myself.

An Effecient Workflow

We know the ins-and-outs of production, and we’ve set up a simple way for you to be confident of the role that you play in development.

This is a little taste of what you can expect to experience through our services. Through these simple steps, you will know exactly what to be prepared for. Leave the rest to us.



This is the planning, vision-casting, and scheduling stage where we develop a plan that works for you.


As the recording and shooting stage, this is the time spent where the cameras are rolling.

Proof and Approval

Once we’ve worked on your content in editing, we’ll send it to you for review.


Delivery is simple and intuitive. We’ll send you links for viewing and downloading.

exponential growth

Your organization will only thrive as long as long as the influx of evergreen content continues.

Evergreen Media

is a production company that helps organizations effectively integrate media into their communications strategy, so that they can clarify their message and harness the power of evergreen content to expand their reach and maximize their impact.


Commercial Photography

Video Production

Media Consultation

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Phone Number: 559-824-5610

Based in Fresno, California

Evergreen Media is a part of Julianna & Benjamin Productions, founded by Kailyn Julianna and Eric Benjamin Hamilton. All rights reserved.

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